The whole Riviera Maya in Mexico is lined with world-class beaches, and Tulum is no exception. Since the 6th Century the archeological site has stood high on a cliff overlooking some of the most beautiful beach in Tulum. But head a little further south of the ruins to discover true paradise, where the beach stretches on for miles and miles of white sand, framed by dense jungle and dotted with beach cabanas, boutique hotels and beautiful resorts.
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A vacation in Tulum is all about escaping the Hi-Tech "connected" world, and getting back to nature and the beach is the perfect place to do this. Enjoy a relaxing massage while you watch the waves crashing offshore on the second largest barrier reef in the world, go snorkeling or diving in the warm turquoise Sea, explore the jungle and the hidden beaches or simply kick back, relax and soak up the warm afternoon sun; whatever you decide to do, it's guaranteed that after a beach vacation in Tulum you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
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Any time of year is good for a beach vacation in Tulum, but I recommend between Christmas and Easter, especially if you are coming from a cold climate then it won't be to hot (between 23 and 30 degrees). Please bring bio-degradable sunscreen, and your swimsuit, that's all you really need.

Topless and in some areas, nude sunbathing is acceptable on the beach in Tulum.
Tulum Beach
Tulum Nude Beach
If you are interested in Tulum Nude Beaches, then you should consider staying at Cabanas Copal or the more upscale Cabanas at Azulik. Both of these Tulum cabana Hotels are located right on the beach in Tulum and nude sunbathing is accepted.

The nude sunbathing on the beach in Tulum is very discreet, people sunbathe nude and topless then tend to cover up when they walk back to their rooms.

Tulum Nude Beach

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