Retiro Maya Tulum Hotel – Our Newest Addition!

Retiro Maya TulumWe are glad to add Retiro Maya Tulum to our list of properties here at And as always we offer deeply discounted rates, cause we know how much our clients love staying in beautiful Cabanas for a great price! :)

Retiro Maya TulumHotel is a located on the beach of Tulum in a truly idylic setting. It’s a cabana hotel with rustic decor, a great restaurants and romantic guestrooms.

Remember (for all those who like all inclusives) this is an eco resort so some of the conveniences of a big chain hotel will be lacking. If you are a person who would complain “uuughhh there’s a little lizard in my room” then Retiro Maya Tulum is not the choice of property for you.

That said, if you enjoy relaxing on a wide expanse of beach, exploring the jungle and ruins and really getting away from it all in you private beach cabana then Retiro Maya Tulum could be just what you are looking for…

You’ll be surrounded by nature at Retiro Maya Tulum, you can wake up to the sound of the Caribbean Sea gently lapping the shore and generally forget about anything else other than relaxation.

If you are interested in finding out more about Retiro Maya Tulum and perhaps booking online then click below.

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