Tulum International Airport

I’m interested to hear what the general consensus is about the construction of the new Tulum International Airport. My understanding is that it has been given the go ahead and they are just trying to decide between three companies as to who is going to construct it. I thought about the pros and cons, and wonder if it was inevitable that this would happen with Tulum being in such a central part of the Quintana Roo coast. The cons, for anyone who has been to Tulum, are obvious. The destruction of more jungle, more pollution, displacement of wildlife, more traffic etc etc. In effect Tulum could become the new Cancun, as each year more and more people come through Cancun airport, but less stay for a Cancun Vacation. Pros could be less traffic into Cancun, easier access to the big resorts in the Riviera Maya, it would allow for the development of Bacalar and Majahual, provide a lot of jobs, more money to the area, etc etc.  One thing is for sure Tulum as we know it, would also definitely change! What do you think?

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  1. John

    Hi Mat.

    I have lived in Playa del Carmen for 2.5 years. I, too, have mixed emotions about the new Tulum airport. However, most of my thoughts on the matter are positive.

    On the negative side, a new airport will lead to population growth, an increase in the number of tourists, and as a result, more housing, lodging, and traffic.

    On a positive note, a new airport will allow for easier access to the Southern parts of Quintana Roo. It will also expand the numer of international flights into and out of the Riviera Maya. For those of us living in Playa del Carmen, it provides an alternative airport approximately the same distance from Cancun.

    Living 45 minutes North of you, I probably have a different perspective on things. I’m curious to see what your other readers have to say.

    Good luck with your new blog!


  2. admin Post author

    Hey John,

    Thanks for replying mate, and valid points as well. I think it could have an effect on Cancun in years to come if they develop further south. Time to buy in Bacalar!!!

  3. Anna

    I understand that the Kulkulcan development is being re-zoned so that many of the properties to on the southern portion will no longer be buildable. Does anyone have information on this?

  4. su

    Has the airport in Tulum for international flights been built yet? I’m really confused. We were told last year that it should be done by April of 09′.


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