Unless you are already in Mexico, all International flights arrive to Benito Juarez Cancun International Airport, airport code: CUN. However currently there is talk of an international airport being built in Tulum, much to the dismay of many of the locals and vacationers alike.

Car Hire at Cancun International Airport

The small rustic resort town of Tulum, for now, tends to be for the more free-spirited traveler, who enjoys freedom away from the constraints of the modern package vacation. Thus car rental can be a great option, enabling you to explore some more of the remote towns, cenotes and hidden ruins at your leisure.
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Car Hire Tulum

At Cancun Airport you will find all the big rental car companies, such as Hertz and Thrifty etc. You can book when you arrive or alternatively reserve you car hire online (probably the best option for least hassle).

O.K so you’ve arrived and picked up your car, what’s next! First off, in Mexico they drive on the right (for those coming from the U.K). There is one road in and out of the airport so it is pretty hard to get lost.
Find your way out of the airport then approximately 1 mile down the road you will see a sign saying Playa del Carmen, head that way on a road called the 307 Cancun - Tulum Carratera and you’re free and clear!

After around 90 mintues to 2 hours, you will arrive in Tulum. Here you will need to watch out for signs. You should have the address of your property. Many of the small hotels and cabanas in Tulum are in the “Hotel Zone”. The hotel zone of Tulum is clearly marked on the left-hand side of the road, when heading south from Cancun. Turn left, follow the road for about 5 minutes and you will arrive at the beach cabana hotels of Tulum. If you are staying at one of the big resorts, then these will also be clearly marked on the main road, they are always on the left-hand side, as this is where the sea is.

Car Hire in Tulum

Should you already be at your hotel in Tulum and decide you want to hire a car for a day trip or a leisurely “run” down the coast then most of the hotels, even the small ones have agencies or assistance where you can hire a car from a local agency for the day. Many of the car hire agencies in Tulum rent Jeeps and 4x4’s, which can be a great option if you want to get off the beaten path and let the top down (remember to wear a hat though!). Ask around at your hotel or in Tulum Downtown and bargain for a good price, make sure you get insurance and have fun!

Driving in Mexico

The 307 takes you all the way south down the coast of the Riviera Maya, the condition of the road is excellent and it is a pleasant drive. Just remember to respect the speed limits and drive safely.

As pass through the towns on the way, such as Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and Akumal you will need to be careful, just before the town there is usually a “Speed Bump” called here in Mexico a “Tope”. These are pretty harsh steep speed bumps and they are not marked clearly, usually the sign is right next to the “tope” with no forewarning. So watch out for these as you don’t want to hit them hard, especially in a rental Car!

Other than the tope’s, driving in Mexico is pretty much the same as anywhere else, drive carefully, respect the speed limits, which here are in Kilometers per hour and you will be fine.
Getting stopped by the POLICE in Mexico
Should you be speeding, run a red light or the such, then the police may, as in any country pull you over. Don’t worry and get scared about the police here, they will not put you in prison and throw away the key! Basically the police will ask for your driving license and car rental information; let him see these. Quite often the police will be after a bribe - and it is up to you if you want to pay him something. I always say that corruption is a two way problem, it is better to ask for the ticket then pay a bribe. If you are going to pay a bribe then around 20 dollars will get you off everything. However I suggest you remain firm and ask nicely for the ticket for whatever offense you have committed, this quite often results in the police just letting you go without and ticket or anything, definitely the best option! But do not feel intimidated by the police here, if you are not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about.
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