Tulum Spa Treatments

Many of the Hotels, Cabanas and Resorts in and around Tulum offer amazing Spa services, massages and ancient Mayan Treatments. Because of Tulum's eco-friendly atmosphere many of the spa treatments incorporate the use of local natural products and the surrounding local vegetation often plays and important part in the healing treatments.
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Tulum Spa

Below is a list of some of the Mayan and other spa treatments that can be enjoyed in and around Tulum.

Aromatherapy is all about the use of essential oils that are extracted from the local plants and vegetation in and around Tulum and the Riviera Maya. The majority of Hotels with Spa services offer this treatment.

Body Wraps
This is an ancient treatment where the body is wrapped and a sweat is induced to draw impurities out of the skin.

Chamber of Flotation
Some of the Spa's in Tulum offer this treatment, which heightens your senses and induces vivid dreams, stress relief, and more.

Clay was often used by the Mayans, and this local clay from Tulum is used in many of the Spa's to re-hydrate, and balance the skin. The majority of Spa's will tailor there facial treatments to your needs using mud's, clays and a variety of herbs to suit your skin tone and complexion.

There are a few great spas’ which focus on holistic treatments. They focus on the "whole" physical, psychological, the spirit, social and organic and create a solution to heal every facet of the client.

It is said there is a lot of natural energy flowing through the jungles of the Riviera Maya and Tulum and a Reiki session harnesses this life force energy. During a Reiki healing session, the practitioner places his/her hands upon the person to be healed with the intent for healing to occur, and the energy flows through the healer's body into the receiving body. Reiki is relaxing and invigorating.

A Temazcal is basically a sweat lodge usually located surrounded by the jungle. It is an ancient Mayan treatment, believed to purify the body, mind and soul using the properties and harmony of fire and water. Many of the eco-touristic beach cabanas in Tulum feature Temazcals.
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